Film Back Camera

Camera Size > 4x5 In (1/9)

  • Polaroid 500 Land Film Holder For 4x5 Picture On 4x5 Camera
  • Wista 6x9 120 Roll Film Clean Magazine For 4x5 10x12.5cm Large Format Cameras
  • Calumet C2n C2 6x7 Cm Roll Film Holder / Back For 4x5 View Cameras Very Clean
  • Mint? Horseman 8exp 120 6x9 Cm Roll Film Back Holder 4x5 Camera From Japan 825y
  • 1956 1967 Graflex Rh12 Roll Film Holder For 4x5 Camera With Dark Slide
  • Polaroid Land 4x5 Inch Camera Back Nice Condition
  • Horseman 6x9 Back (6x9cm/120 Film/8 Exposures) For Horseman 4x5 Cameras #38788
  • Camera Adapter Back Board For Fuji Gfx 50 To Sinar 4x5 Photograph Accessory
  • Exc+5 New Seal Toyo Roll Film Holder Back 67/45 6x7 For 4x5 Camera From Japan
  • N Mint Linhof Super Rollex 6x7 120 Roll Film Back For 4x5 Camera From Japan