Film Back Camera

Hasselblad (1/21)

  • Hasselblad H2 Camera With Hc 80mm Lens + Hm16-32 Film Back + Extra Insert
  • Hasselblad A16 Type Ii 6x4.5 Chrome Film Camera Back Magazine Holder
  • Near Mint Hasselblad 201f Medium Format Black Camera 120 Film Back From Japan
  • Rare Late Hasselblad 500c/m A12 Ii Back 6x6 Medium Format 120 Film Camera Body
  • Hasselblad 503cx Camera With Film Back And Carl Zeiss Planer 80mm Lens And Extras
  • Hasselblad A12 Back For 120 Roll Film For All 500 System Cameras
  • Cla'd Mint Acute Matte D Hasselblad 503cw Film Camera A12 Iv Film Back Japan
  • 1 Owner Hasselblad 500c Medium Format A12 Film Back Studio Camera
  • Hasselblad Magazine 12 V 500c 500cm 501cm 1000f 1600f Cameras 6x6 120 Film Backs
  • Vintage Hasselblad V System Camera A16 S 120 Roll Film Back 4x4 With Dark Slide