Film Back Camera

Mint (1/15)

  • N Mint + Case Strap Contax T2 D Titan Film Camera With Date Back From Japan
  • Mint+ Mamiya Rb67 Pro Sd Camera + Kl K/l 90mm F/3.5 L Lens 120 Film Back Japan
  • Near Mint++ Mamiya Rz67 Pro Ii Film Camera Sekor Z 65mm F/4 Lens 120 Film Back
  • Near Mint Withstrap Contax T3 Back 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera From Japan
  • Mint Contax Tvs 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera T Lens + Data Back From Japan
  • Near Mint! Pentax 645n Medium Format Film Camera With 75mm F2.8 And 120 Back
  • Near Mint Pentax 645 Film Camera + A 75mm F2.8 Lens 120 Film Back From Japan
  • Mint Hasselblad 203fe Film Camera With Fe 80mm F2.8 Lens + E12 Film Back 4126#j
  • Near Mint Hasselblad 500c/m Cm 6x6 Camera Body + A12 Ii Film Back From Japan
  • Near Mint+++ Hasselblad 500c/m 500cm Camera With A12 Film Back From Japan #258