Film Back Camera

Large (1/6)

  • Dayi Multi-format 6x9 6x12 6x17 Roll Film Back For 4x5 Large Format Camera
  • Near Mintplaubel 8x10 Large Format Film Camera With4x5 + 5x7 Reducing Back #2989
  • Horseman 8x10 View Camera With 8x10 Film Back Large Format
  • Exc+5 Toyo Roll Film Holder Back 67/45 6x7 For 4x5 Large Camera Japan #0178
  • Mamiya Rb67 Roll Film Back Magazine Adapter For 4x5 Large Format Camera
  • Wista 45 45d 4x5 Large Format Camera With Roll Film & Cut Film Back Holder
  • Exc+5 + Back Wista 45 4x5 Large Format Field Film Camera Body Wood Grain Japan
  • Exc+3 Toyo Field 45a Large Format Film Camera 4x5 Revolving Back From Japan
  • Nobody S Photography Process Is Perfect 4x5 Large Format In Wales
  • Horseman 6x12 Panoramic Roll Film Back For 4x5 Large Format Cameras